Conversations about visual culture - The Visual Experience
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Conversations about visual culture


With over twenty years of teaching experience, we have created a new foundation for teaching photography. We have based our workshops on visual knowledge and cultural understanding. We want you to be an image-thinker as well as an image-maker.

Each day will bring us into contact with the complexities of representation and we will explore the meanings and significance of various aspects of visual culture. Photo-journalism, advertising and commercial photography, fine art exploration and the relationship with the new media and Instagram will all be material for discussion and analysis. Through introductive lectures followed by group analysis, we will explore the meaning of meaning, its relation to reflexivity, self-identity and more.

This workshop is for those who dare to go beyond in their understanding of visual reality. Two full days of conversation with two tutors Edward Rozzo and Massimo Cristaldi (with the active participation of the whole class) to change the way you see and understand the image.

Price: €350,00
Days: 2
Class: Min 7, Max 15 people