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Sony RX1R II: the small wonder

May 1, 2016


The Sony RX1R II represents the “normal” evolution for a photographer with an addiction for small cameras with great image quality. Over the course of the “digital” years, starting from 2008, I’ve followed my path towards the “small cameras” world. From the “venerable” Panasonic LX3, passing in 2011 to the Fuji X100 and , in 2013 to the X100s, coming to the Ricoh GR, and now the RX1R mark II. Before listing the great things about this camera let me state, straight away, things I don’t like and the ways […]

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Using a MF lens on a DSLR: Rollei Planar 80mm on Canon

December 16, 2013

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Is the camera or the lens the responsible of final image quality? An old, never ending debate amongst photographers especially the ones somehow connected to “the Leica look”, the “zeiss tridimensionality” or the “nikon colors”. In our digital age with new “monster” sensors in relative small bodies (as the one of the Sony A7R), the old good glass continues to play surely its role in defining Image Quality (see here for a good attempt from Ctein to define image quality). But today we have ADAPTERS. Right in these days, filled up […]

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